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XipLink Successfully Demos LTE Using Satellite

Wireless link optimization specialist XipLink has completed a test with a significant Asian cellular service provider, delivering accelerated voice, data and video traffic exceeding 90 megabits per second (Mbps) to a remote LTE base station over a satellite connection...


5 Things We Learned at Global MilSatCom Today

Global MilSatCom is one of the main events for military and communications executives and officials...


Cobham Satcom Debuts Lightweight Sailor VSAT Antenna Systems

Cobham Satcom has revealed two new 60cm Ka-band VSAT antenna systems for maritime customers...


Eutelsat Inks new Broadcast and IoT Deals

Eutelsat Communications has signed up a number of customers in Africa and in Europe for broadcast services, and also tightened it’s collaboration with Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer Sigfox...


Avanti, Global Invacom Demo Encrypted Satellite TV Over Ka-band IP Networks

Avanti Communications and Global Invacom, in partnership with Microsoft and the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) program, are demonstrating satellite broadcasting using standard IP-enabled networks such as Ethernet or Wi-Fi...


Iridium GO! Gains Five Third Party Apps

Iridium has made five mobile applications from third party developers available for Iridium GO!, the company’s global smartphone access device...


Industry Coalition Launched to Extend Role of Satellite Broadcasting

Six leading satellite operators and manufacturers announced the formation of the SAT>IP Alliance at the 2015 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nev...


New Market Opportunities for Satellite Start to Emerge From Global Connectivity Boom

The “connected car” and “smart cities” are two potentially new and exciting markets the satellite industry could play in over the coming years, particularly the former as the potential for “always-on” connectivity could be a big draw for satellite...


Swiss Space Systems Opens Croatia Subsidiary, Plans Spaceport

Swiss Space Systems (S3) has inaugurated a new subsidiary in Croatia, where the company hopes to build a spaceport as well as a facility for manufacturing the upper stage of the SOAR launch vehicle...


SpaceX Satellite Project Boosted by $1 Billion Google, Fidelity Investment

Google and Fidelity have confirmed an investment of approximately $1 billion in SpaceX, powering the second large-scale Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications constellation...


GX Launches Getting Dicey after Proton Puts Telecom Satellite in Wrong Orbit

Failed Proton Launch - Opps - Wrong Orbit:

After last Tuesday's failed Proton launch Inmarsat's GX launches look riskier than ever...


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specializes in WAN optimization of dynamic wireless links that experience high latency, asymmetric connections, and high bit error rates, characteristics that are consistent across any wireless or mobile communication networks.

XipLink is the established market leader in optimizing VSAT networks. XipLink traces its heritage to being a leading TCP acceleration solution, and has since evolved to a comprehensive WAN optimization solution specifically targeted at satellite and wireless networks.


XipLink incorporates the most scalable WAN optimization solution in this market:

  • higher accelerated session counts and overall bandwidth than any other.
  • higher overall bandwidth throughput

The best acceleration in the market

  • Choice of several congestion control algorithms that maximize any type of wireless link.
  • Tightly integrated QoS Shaping and TCP acceleration delivers amazing control

Effective compression and caching

  • Byte caching, learning packet compression, streaming compression
  • Multi-layer compression addresses different protocols at different layers


  • XipLink delivers the lowest cost optimization per bit
  • Simple product line without complicated options

Installation Flexibility

  • Bridge, router, PBR, U-Turn, WCCP, NAT
  • Link Balancing and Bonding
  • Strong support from XipLink System Engineers
  • Transparent GRE and LTE GTP Optimization
  • IPv6 Support
  • Dramatic PPS reduction
  • It's a Swiss army knife for your network.

Internet Optimization

  • Connection fast start, HTTP Object QoS and a web cache
  • Hub Optimized Gateway option was Teleport Technology of the Year by the World Teleport Association

Completely integrated

  • Other WAN Optimizers won't tell you that they often give up on some important functionality when certain features are enabled.