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Who we are

ING Servis is a company specialised in Satellite and Wireless communication systems, we offer a full range of consulting, program management, installation, and commissioning and support services. A few of the industries currently served by ING Servis are Oil and Gas, Financial services, Telecommunications, Defence, Governmental, Hotel and Leisure.

Mission & Vision

ING Servis was founded in 1990 and has since gained over 20 years’ experience in the Telecommunications industry. With a highly motivated management and workforce, ING Servis has always been innovative when providing solutions for today’s Telecommunication and Data services market. The emphasis was and still is on maximizing the value provided to clients by identifying future technological trends in both business applications and technology by regular staff training and education. This has enabled fast sustained growth and has established firm long-term partnerships with both clients and other communication companies and suppliers.

Our Strategy

The main services ING Servis provides today are Satellite data connections (VSAT), Satellite telephony and wireless communications both for maritime and land based systems. The success of the previous 20 years would not have been possible without the support of our partners with whom we have overcome major challenges and problems and without our employees who, with their knowledge, effort and commitment are our greatest asset.

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Our Services

Broadband Satellite Internet access is simple and reliable solution for homes and businesses outside the reach of terrestrial networks

Affordable Packages

Choose a package and price that you find interesting and soon you can enjoy download speeds up to 50 Mbps.

No Phone Line Needed

Euro Broadband uses satellite technology not coper lines. If you are just unlucky that your connection is bad or if you live in a rural area it doesn't matter anymore because Euro Broadband ensures you with a fast, reliable and affordable broadband internet straight to your home.

Fastest Speeds

We offer different speeds, up to 50 Mbps in download and 10 Mbps in upload.

Full Coverage

Fast Internet covers Europe and the Mediterranean. Euro Broadband is available all over Europe and the Mediterranean basin, with the same grade of quality, no matter where you are located.

Fast Installation

A small satellite dish is mounted on the outside of your house or apartment. Then simply connect the satellite modem to your computer and you're ready to go.


The service is designed to cope with most weather conditions and wind speeds of up to 200 km/s, and guarantees reliability over 99.5% on an annual basis.

Every day Tooway service makes me even more satisfied. NewsSpotter option delivers high quality content. This is exactly what I need! Bojan Agatić - CEO Croatia
Once Tooway became available, all fantasies of fast and reliable internet connection at any location with installation time measured in minutes became reality. When mobile networks are congested and other options are not sufficiently fast, Tooway internet has always offered the same reliability and speed. Boris Ostojić Televizija Jadran - CTO Croatia
Always at your service! A professional solution for a small customer as well as for business users. Praise worthy! Danijel Štih Adriasat - CEO Croatia

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